Who Are We?

Shree Lakshmi Traders come up with this new idea to reach the customers online.

CementShop.in started as a site for a one-stop solution for all cement brands and also TMT steels in Hyderabad. We Offer well-known cement & TMT steel brands in Hyderabad, India. As today we are expanding our business to more than cement, steel and have sand, bricks & Blocks also. We deliver Free across Greater Hyderabad. Our fast delivery system gets your product to deliver within 36hr; Our goal is to simplify your procurement either you are individual or contractor.

Why CementShop.in?

We Provide the best prices, the widest selection of Brands on each category, On-time delivery.

What makes us unique?

Prob: If a product has to reach the end customer it has to flow from the manufacturer -> distributor -> Wholesaler -> Retailer… Due to this enormous chain of network and each of them adds their margin, the product price becomes high, due to which the customer is affected.

Sol: We are trying to break this network and become a platform just between the manufacturer and the customer, this helps the customer get a better price.

prob: Customer has to move around various brands/ vendors to understand the features/ quality of the product for comparison.

Sol: we are a one-stop shop

Prob: Prices of the commodities are dynamic, Customer doesn’t have an idea about the price of the product for his planning and negotiations.

Sol: We display our prices on our website, and we update daily. It acts as a benchmark price for his negotiations and planning.