Different types of TMT Steel bars

Different Types of TMT Bars

Different Types of TMT Steel Bars TMT bars are commonly utilized in civil construction projects, including building beams, slabs, columns, and other structures. They must sustain all types of enormous loads as the core strength of every construction. TMT bars are available in four categories in India they are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. The […]

manufacturing process of TMT bars.

What are TMT bars? What is the manufacturing process of TMT bars?

TMT bars TMT (thermo-mechanical treatment) is a method of producing high-strength reinforcing steel bars. TMT bars are used for a variety of applications. TMT Bars are utilised in all types of construction because they offer the structure with maximum safety and durability. It’s utilised in civil building projects like roads, bridges, Power Plants, airports, Flyovers, […]

top cement companies

Top 10 Cement Companies in India

Cement is the concrete backbone of the development and progress that we witness. When the need for construction grows by the day, the number of cement makers must evolve parallel. The cement industry, like any other, is filled with competition, with each brand claiming to be superior to the others. India is the world’s second-largest […]

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