properties of cement

Check Properties of Cement – Chemical, Mechanical, And Physical

Cement is a fine grey powder that is used to form mortar or concrete when combined with water and other ingredients. It’s an important component of both residential and commercial construction. Cement is a crucial part of urban infrastructure. It’s used to manufacture concrete and mortar and safeguard infrastructure by tying the building blocks together. […]

portland pozzolana cement

How is Portland Pozzolana Cement Made? Uses of PPC Cement

Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) & Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) are two types of cement. White Portland Cement is the most frequent name that comes up for this type of cement and also in the cement industry. IS 8042 is the standard code for White Portland Cement. PPC offers more durable concrete due to its low […]

how to check cement quality

How to Check Cement Quality? Different Types of Tests to Check

Cement tests are carried out to determine the strength and characteristics of cement. Various tests on cement are currently used to determine the quality of the material. Various Cement Testing Methods are used to determine the qualities of cement, such as specific gravity, strength, fineness, consistency, and so on. In order to assess the quality […]

types of cement

What are the Types of Cement in India? and Their Uses

Cement is a binder that plays a vital role in the construction process. Cement generally, all kinds of adhesive substances and cement is seldom used on its own, but rather to bind sand and aggregate. So, before buying it, everyone needs to know about the different types of cement grades. Types of Cement Grades There […]

how to mix cement

How to Mix Cement to Prepare Concrete or Mortar

Concrete is a full-fledged construction material. It is suitable for the construction of foundations for walls and other masonry constructions. For much smaller tasks, ready-made concrete bags are ideal – all you need to do is add water.Mortar is a cement and sand mixture that isn’t as strong as concrete but is commonly used as […]

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